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More than 35 years in business serving our customers!


RZ International, Inc. is a Global Manufacturers’ Representative Firm with over 75 years of experience in Import/Export Sales, Marketing & Management.

We represent manufacturers from Europe, the Americas & Asia and sell their products worldwide.

Our key markets are the Americas. 

International Expertise & Commmitment to unbeatable Customer Service will

build your business for the future!!! 

Exciting NEW Technology for Hearing Protection!

Hearing Protection that filters out damaging noise while allowing speech and other important sounds to be heard.
This video shows how easy the lightweight adjustable SensGard hearing protection is to wear.

For more product details here's a link to the pdf


8 inch portable, hand held, vacuum sucker moves stone, tile, glass & other materials with a smooth or slightly rough surface.  Features high capacity, rechargeable lithium battery & pressure-sensing technology to guarantee a firm hold.

See it in action below!

 For more details on product features - Here's a link to the PDF.


 Another unique product in action from one of our suppliers! 



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